Revival Sanctuary

For Women in Business

Revival Sanctuary is an online global community connecting female solo business owners who are looking for that 'safe space' to be completely at ease with themselves.

Collaboration over Competition

Business is a lonely place at times, but you will never feel on your own with this community. Revival Sanctuary is brimming with diverse friendly women from around the globe. Our ethos is ‘Collaboration over Competition’ and that message is nurtured by everyone.

Working Together

We create collaborative teams and projects allowing anyone the chance to feel real camaraderie by working together to truly support each other. Our projects are profit sharing too giving everyone the opportunity to work towards a collective vision and feel proud about their achievements, with the added bonus of earning while you grow the project.

An Inclusive Community

Revival Sanctuary works because it’s member inclusive which means, suppliers are being chosen from within the group. Business opportunities are real. We offer different levels of help and support and you can choose what you’d like to take part in. 

Revival isn’t just another women’s network. This is a truly special experience where you’ll connect on a deeper level and make friends for life. Join us and #makeadifference to your own chance of success whilst helping others do the same.


We don’t just talk the talk. Our platform is all about collaboration and working together and we’ve already showcased this through our marketing pods, book collaborations, group member slots and our two other main projects namely, MO2VATE Magazine and The Speakers Index. These projects are run by Revival members. There are more projects in the planning stages

Revival is a special place and with this in mind, we do everything to protect the integrity of the community ensuring the members who join are fully on board with our collaborative practices. We look for qualities of integrity, trust and honesty, amongst other things. We also ask that only business owners apply.

The Inspire membership without a doubt for new members. We only allow current members to upgrade to Lifetime Membership but once you’ve been with us a year and you are enjoying and engaging in the community, we would advise you to join our Lifetime Membership at that point. It’s important you feel the community is the right fit for you and you for it and this is why we’ve limited new membership to Club or Inspire.

Please fill in our contact form and one of the team will aim to get back to you within 48hrs (Mon – Fri).

When you login to the website and your account, you will see various buttons. Just click on the ones you’re interested in and send your interest. We’ll then be in touch!

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by joining the appropriate membership on the website. We’d advise to choose wisely when joining at the start as upgrading will still cost the full amount.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a new password on the website. If it’s another issue, we have a contact form on the website. Please head there and fill in what the problem is and our website guru will get back to you within 48hrs (Mon – Fri).

Your subscription can be managed through the website through your account. Please login and manage it directly. Please note that business to business transactions are non-refundable so please ensure you cancel your subscription prior to payment being taken. For members prior to 2021: Your subscription can be cancelled through your PayPal account directly. If you are a Stripe customer, please contact us through the contact form to cancel your subscription.

We work with an application process and limited admissions per quarter. If you want to re-join us, please just reapply through the website. The same process is used for everyone.