Lifetime Membership

For Women in Business

At Revival we're all about opportunities. Make the most out of our sanctuary, with a Lifetime Membership.

Feature Your Programme

Share your programme or online courses through the Revival website by signing up to our lifetime membership. Offer a Revival discount to members and we’ll even share in the group and on social media for you. 

This is something we offer our Lifetime Members only (*terms apply) and we encourage you to take this up as you already have a captive audience in our group. We can share your programme through our email campaigns and social media to gain you extra exposure.

Hall of Fame

You’ll be showcased in our hall of fame which is for our Lifetime Members only. This comprises your headshot and a connection to your Linkedin profile to allow people to contact you more easily.

Special Opportunities

As a Lifetime member you only have one payment, no auto renewal or repeat subscription. Once you’re in, you’re in (as long as you comply with our Terms of Use of course) you’re going to be our legacy members.
These memberships are for current members who have been with us for at least a year so they’ve experienced our culture, gotten to know people and made lifelong friendships as well as business relationships.