Understanding Competition

Phoenix Madley

The motivating factor of competition is scarcity. If we think of competition as a cover of our tender hearts. The worry of other people being more than us, doing better, even having more. Admitting these fears means admitting our vulnerabilities. Admitting that life at times will be hardship and struggle! We can go into competition, which represents our untrue masculine side. Or go into the untrue feminine. Which encompasses feelings of scarcity, powerlessness, loss, failure, dependency, and the sacrifice of our needs, to have people meet our needs! All at the detriment of ourselves. And even to the detriment of them! The Untrue feminine is untrue, not because we might feel all the above feelings. It is untrue because we then use those things to believe we are powerless. And indeed! At times we might feel we are! However, we are not indefinitely. The untrue feminine is the place we give up on life and ourselves. And fall into patterns of manipulation, and self-denial. Who is going to sacrifice to who? To get their needs met. In response, we might enter power struggles with others, to feel in control of what we want and need. As being and feeling in control seems like the better option. Rather than feeling the very helplessness and powerlessness, we are trying to avoid. The longer we attempt to control others, outside events and other people. The further we will then eventually employ competition to win, further along, the line. At the core of every competition, and controlling scenario is the avoidance of wanting to feel heartbreak! The untrue masculine is the place where we believe we have to emotionally superior to others, or better than them. To win. It’s the places of competition, control, and power struggle. The ‘I am better than you’ Of course, we might be good at things others are not. However, they too will be good at things we are not! Heartbreak is the very pain we need to feel, to acknowledge all the places we felt betrayed, hurt, rejected. All the other places we tried to manipulate others. Thus then turning the untrue feminine into a place of the true. Through understanding our pain and applying ourselves. Being so, the untrue masculine side of ourselves becomes true. And learns to commits rather than compete. There is always an opportunity to commit to being with our feelings. To use them in a way that communicates with others and opens us up to respond to our needs. When you feel the need to compete with others. What does it hide? Can you admit the places inside where you feel loss, failure, rejection and hurt? Can you admit in life where you feel envy or jealousy? Would you be willing to commit to your success, rather than commit to competition? Even wanting the other person you compete with. To be successful!

Phoenix Madley

Elke Wallace

Elke Wallace is an Independent Travel Agent and the founder of Wallace Lifestyle Travel. Her work background was in Admin and accounts but she since trained in CBT Counselling & Groupwork, Mindfulness, NLP and Timeline Therapy and is also a Performance & Mindset Coach as well as the Database & Content Director of The Speakers Index.

As an author and writer, Elke contributed articles to MO2VATE Magazine and published two stories via Kindle Direct Publishing. Other interests include but are not limited to mental health, wellbeing, psychology as well as faith and spirituality.

Nicola Matthews

With business experience gained in blue chip companies and government in both the UK and US in commercial and analytical roles, Nicola set up her own business in 2018. Aiding business owners navigate the ever-changing world of the online marketplace, Nicola provides remote business support to SMEs helping them to organise and understand their business information for greater productivity.

Nicola is also the Advertorial Editor of MO2VATE Magazine, a global digital magazine written by small business owners FOR small business owners enabling them to showcase their knowledge and expertise to a worldwide audience.

Kim Lengling

Kim is a multi-published author, freelance writer and speaker who has been writing since 2004 and showcases her story writing skills through her own business and website.

Kim is the mother of one grown daughter and has a rescue dog named Dexter.

Our only Leadership team member from across the water, Kim resides in Pennsylvania, USA and is an active speaker across many organisations. With a wealth of contacts in this area, Kim is our US representative for this Revival. Kim is a co-author in Revival – Women Embracing Their Superpowers and SINGLED OUT: The Corporate Pandemic as well as a contributing Article Writer for MO2VATE Magazine.

Laura Billingham

Laura has had a varied career, mainly in technology companies, before striking out on her own to pursue her first love…writing.

She is now a multi-published author with a novel and anthology of short stories and Co-Author of REVIVAL Women Embracing Their Superpowers (Volume One) along with co-authoring various other books.

Laura is Copy Editor at MO2VATE Magazine | The Winning Formula but also runs her own business, namely L&G Associates Ltd which helps other business owners share their message with the world via the written word.

Laura is passionate about giving women a voice, allowing them to spread their word by helping them to express their inner beliefs in a coherent fashion.

Sharon Brown

Sharon starting Lydian Events Ltd in 2015 after a long career in corporate. After recognising that businesses were heading in the direction of digital platforms, Sharon launched Revival Sanctuary for Women in Business in 2018, after challenging herself to change the status quo of the competitive world of business. 
Sharon saw another opportunity through the first lockdown and founded MO2VATE Magazine, an online global publication written, produced and published by SME’s. Sharon has also founded The Speakers Index to further allow opportunities of amplifying the voices of business owners by joining a global directory where organisers can cherry pick the speakers they want and contact them directly.  All of the projects under the Revival Sanctuary brand are profit sharing and are run by the members of Revival. 
All of Sharon’s projects have one aim in mind.. to support the small business owner in building their brand, raising their profile, amplifying their voice and ultimately seeing growth in their business.  She encourages collaboration across all of her projects and expects to have five online businesses by 2022.